Manager and Leader?

  Manager and leader.. Most of us might have heard of these two kinds of persons when it comes to professional work, or simply when we are about to work with other people to get things done and achieve the goal. Many people mistake them similar since most people perceive both managers and leaders are… Continue reading Manager and Leader?


“An Out-Of-Towner”

Well, when I was a kid, I watched people's life in a capital city on TV. Well, they said in this big city, you can be everything, A place where you can reach your dreams, A place where you can get everything you want. I remember when first time they built a mall in my… Continue reading “An Out-Of-Towner”

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Morning of the Earth – South Borneo (Photos)

The daily routine of South Kalimantan folks in the morning and their many unique activities, surrounded by big rivers and big islands that have been a traditional speciality for hundreds of years in Borneo heritage history. South Borneo has its signature mascot, known as Bekantan. Every morning, folks and children do their sell and buy… Continue reading Morning of the Earth – South Borneo (Photos)

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Beer Garden Night With Momiji (2017)

After a long semester when all subjects required you to do research (there were 7 subjects) finally I can breath and relax...everything went back to normal Unfortunately those normal peaceful day doesn't last long when the next semester is approaching. At first I thought it is gonna be only a boring semester, but this semester… Continue reading Beer Garden Night With Momiji (2017)



Horror games are a difficult thing to get right. They can feel like carnival attractions, full of overblown scares, or have so little horror that they elicit nothing but eye rolls.  Agony gets it right. It’s a scary and gore blast of survival horror that requires your super guts to play it. So, there is a… Continue reading NEW SURVIVAL HORROR GAME : AGONY



So what is “normal?” The bottom line is that it feels like society has decided what “normal” is, but in truth, we have to decide that for ourselves; everyone and every family have their own values and morals. The bottom line is this: there is no so-called “normal!” Although it may seem like everyone else… Continue reading WHAT IS NORMAL?


The Media Controls How and What We Think?

First, I would like to ask to look deep down inside you and think if there is something you never realise like you are under the spell. Personally, the first thing comes in my mind is i quiet don’t agree with that statement that the media controls how and what we think. Most of us… Continue reading The Media Controls How and What We Think?